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Luke Combs, Brooks & Dunn - 1, 2 Many (REACTION!!!)

No Life Shaq

No Life Shaq

Published on 5 months ago

#LukeCombs #Countryreaction #NoLifeShaq

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Comments :

Chris Hart

Chris Hart . 7 hours ago

Hi brother, do Luke Combs "Even Though I'm Leaving." That'd be awesome!!

MVJ1225 . 1 day ago

Do Sheriff You want to.....Luke Combs...
Strike music

Strike music . 3 days ago

F u

TIM BO . 3 days ago

Lol to many damn times
Ib Sykes

Ib Sykes . 6 days ago


DBBR4 . 1 week ago

React to Vince Gill (Go Rest High on that Mountain)

bnb100 . 2 weeks ago

Next country song should be Believe by Brooks and Dunn
nathan wood

nathan wood . 2 weeks ago

It would be hillarious if you react to billy rae want my mullet back😂😂
nathan wood

nathan wood . 2 weeks ago

Brooks and dunne neon moon classic!
Mitch Reacts

Mitch Reacts . 3 weeks ago

You should react to Loud And Heavy By Cody Jinks
Katie boxhall

Katie boxhall . 3 weeks ago

Do the song “Hurricane” by Luke combs.
Rodney Griffin

Rodney Griffin . 4 weeks ago

Do brooks and Dunn written in red
Crystal Smart-kindle

Crystal Smart-kindle . 4 weeks ago

Brooks and Dunn ( original band song) sang it. He said they were one of his hero's
John Dallmus

John Dallmus . 4 weeks ago

With how you like country songs that tell stories, you should review Brooks and Dunn's "Believe", it is awesome! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5z-jjWyAJQ
Michael Hall

Michael Hall . 4 weeks ago

Shaq you the best bro keep grinding make us happy. Thanks for the country reaction!! We appreciate you my guy.
Michelle S

Michelle S . 4 weeks ago

React to country music, Eric Church song Kill A Word. He has many great songs. I chose that one because I think you would appreciate it. You like to break down words and the play on words.
Ciaran Morton

Ciaran Morton . 4 weeks ago

Shaq once you learn who Brooks & Dunn are then you gotta check my man Morgan Wallens Whiskey Glasses!
Rachel Ackerman

Rachel Ackerman . 4 weeks ago

you make me smile!
Andy Outdoors

Andy Outdoors . 1 month ago

You have to look into Brooks N Dunn brotha . Hard working man
Christopher Davi

Christopher Davi . 1 month ago

Do Brand New Man by Brooks and Dunn Ft. Luke Combs.
Sam Walenta

Sam Walenta . 1 month ago

Broooo Does to me by Luke Combs is so fire
Aaron Todd

Aaron Todd . 1 month ago

Been there. Go to boot barn and get one of those hats
Dean Gorch

Dean Gorch . 1 month ago

i like the videos as soon as i click on cause i know it bouta be fire
Jeramie Fix

Jeramie Fix . 1 month ago

Your next Luke Combs song has to be “Even though I’m leavin’” It will mess you up a little.
Johnny Smith

Johnny Smith . 1 month ago

React to brooks & Dunn believe I think you’ll really enjoy it
Jeff Norman

Jeff Norman . 1 month ago

Not to brag but I used to drink a 30 pack of BUSH LIGHT. BUT I haven't in a long time now.
J Bucks24

J Bucks24 . 1 month ago

Your next reaction gotta be neon moon by brooks and Dunn or boot scootin boogie
JT Barnes

JT Barnes . 2 months ago

You should do a video on “Believe” by Brooks and Dunn!
Gator The Gamer

Gator The Gamer . 2 months ago

If you can I have 2 country songs you might like 1 is xxl or double XL and the other one is something in the water please react
Ricky Lucas

Ricky Lucas . 2 months ago

1,2 🍻🍻
Shawn Guinup

Shawn Guinup . 2 months ago

If you want to listen to a Brooks & Dunn song. Huge country band listen to the song Hillbilly Deluxe

Crea7ure . 2 months ago

Most people who listen to rap or grew up on rap will never know how much fun a country concert is. Y’all think rappers get wild on stage country make you rethink you’re whole choice in music!
Hyppolyta Warrior

Hyppolyta Warrior . 2 months ago

You are the best reaction youtuber EVER !!!

michaeldubya . 2 months ago

Dude, I highly suggest “I Believe” and “Red Dirt Road” from Brooks n Dunn. 🤠
Chris Hartwig

Chris Hartwig . 2 months ago


09hoar . 2 months ago

B&D for sure. Vince Gill though has a song that’s brought even more meaning to people besides music
Ja'Natis Watson

Ja'Natis Watson . 2 months ago

Reach to Morgan Wellen up down up down
Jaden Roeser

Jaden Roeser . 2 months ago

React to a kip Moore song! #dirtroad #shesmine #whatido #bittersweetcompany #igetaround !!!!

VANILLABRYCE205 . 2 months ago

Brooks and Dunn was Luke Combs idols/inspiration. 90s country legends. Check em out!
Tom D

Tom D . 2 months ago

Shaq please react to Riley Green I wish grandpa's never died.
donnie matlock

donnie matlock . 2 months ago

I’m gunna do this until you do it.... sheriff’ you want to bihhhhh
John D. Rockefeller

John D. Rockefeller . 2 months ago

Man your energy is refreshing
fourwheeler rider

fourwheeler rider . 2 months ago

Beleive by brooks and dunn and refrigerater door by luke combs
Nathan Fultz

Nathan Fultz . 2 months ago

React to memory by the lacs it’s a good song I think you’d like it!
Daniel Tran

Daniel Tran . 2 months ago

react to better together by luke combs
Daniel Tran

Daniel Tran . 2 months ago

react to better together by luke combs
Joe Gandee

Joe Gandee . 2 months ago

Woah woah..you dont know who Brooks an Dunn is??
Airyn S.

Airyn S. . 2 months ago

Brooks and Dunn are LEGENDS of country bro.
Harold Violet

Harold Violet . 2 months ago

Shaq love your reactions, I would really like to see you do a reaction to “Don’t Take the Girl” by Tim McGraw
Bryce Mantooth

Bryce Mantooth . 2 months ago

Listen to “Better Together” by the man himself Luke Combs!!!

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