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Luke Combs - One Number Away



Published on 2 years ago

Listen to “One Number Away” now on Luke Combs’ deluxe album, ‘This One’s For You Too’:

Spotify: http://smarturl.it/LCDLX/spotify?IQid=youtube
Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/LCDLX/applemusic?IQid=youtube
Amazon Music: http://smarturl.it/LCDLX/az?IQid=youtube
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/LCDLX/itunes?IQid=youtube
All retailers: http://smarturl.it/LCDLX?IQid=youtube

Connect With Luke:
Instagram: http://instagram.com/lukecombs
Facebook: http://facebook.com/lukecombs
Twitter: http://twitter.com/lukecombs
Website: http://www.lukecombs.com

Comments :

Tumelo moima

Tumelo moima . 12 hours ago

One number away girl
Krayten Williams

Krayten Williams . 14 hours ago

I feel like the only one who memorizes the words to a lot of songs and I don’t even look at the lyrics
Carrie-Anne Wallace

Carrie-Anne Wallace . 1 day ago

i can not get enough every single tune is a absolute smash hit cant wait to see you in a UK tour xxxx
Cierra Armendariz

Cierra Armendariz . 1 day ago

you are a good singer

SuperSYMPATHIZER . 2 days ago

Country version of Stan
Kristy Prescott

Kristy Prescott . 3 days ago

He has good songs
somana Shash

somana Shash . 3 days ago

Why he is not famous ?! I can't stop listening to this song ⚠❤😷
Janet Bradburn

Janet Bradburn . 3 days ago

Love this song!
Michelle Peters

Michelle Peters . 3 days ago

I love this song it's me and my old man all the way
Tammy Edwards

Tammy Edwards . 3 days ago

I love this song and the meaning behind it ❤

Rey . 5 days ago

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️love from 🇦🇱🇨🇭and thnx!!!
That Mothertrucker

That Mothertrucker . 5 days ago

Damn V... I love you so damn much
Shannon Miner

Shannon Miner . 5 days ago

Not a huge country music fan, but I love his voice
Grace Gibson

Grace Gibson . 5 days ago

Love this song
Denis Galarza

Denis Galarza . 6 days ago

Sarah M

Sarah M . 1 week ago

It's 11:11 right now ...make a wish 🙏🏻 And even though I know you'll never see this comment, I know you still see 11:11 and think of me. As for my wish? What I wouldn't give to hear your voice one more time...
Darren Fred

Darren Fred . 1 week ago

You got me all fucked up Shannon. #Shannonsimerly
Patty Mcnabb

Patty Mcnabb . 1 week ago

Unpredictable_One_ UFC

Unpredictable_One_ UFC . 1 week ago

I love this song and LUKE COMBS
Amy Schwartz

Amy Schwartz . 1 week ago

I'm a big fan of your I love your songs
Caroline WeeWooHoo

Caroline WeeWooHoo . 1 week ago

Im about to die the song starts with 11:11 and the song is a total or 4:20 and there are 6.9k comments 😂 and the song is called one number away
Sherri Cody

Sherri Cody . 2 weeks ago

Hey man you know your songs are really good

W0LF1969 . 2 weeks ago

You must be some messed up freaks to dislike this song! YEAH! YOU! YOU FREAK!
Matthew Blankenship

Matthew Blankenship . 2 weeks ago

Love the song
Berent Wegge

Berent Wegge . 2 weeks ago

Saw him 3rd row moon dance, Walker, mn.. just bought grand forks tickets, he will.go down in the books

Albus_Dumbledor3 . 2 weeks ago

Luke combs deserves to be more known he is an amazing singer and I love his songs
Joshua Duncan

Joshua Duncan . 2 weeks ago

Tim McGraw said it best," the Highway dont care"..
Muncea Lopez

Muncea Lopez . 3 weeks ago

To my best friend 😍🥰
Felix Zhou

Felix Zhou . 3 weeks ago

This should be the official video/song for any advertisement of Don’t use your phone while driving.
EGO_Gigantic 3

EGO_Gigantic 3 . 3 weeks ago

For all the ones who dislike just don’t listen to the song you don’t have to make Luke work hard to make songs and get disliked if you don’t like it don’t listen
Fernando Flores

Fernando Flores . 3 weeks ago

Who have tickets for Colorado concert?
ian tuck

ian tuck . 3 weeks ago

Agassi Saka

Agassi Saka . 3 weeks ago

This dude is the real deal man!! I'm brown and I'm a big fan
Vania Griffin

Vania Griffin . 3 weeks ago

I love this song so much keep it on repeat for hours
Erik Borger

Erik Borger . 3 weeks ago

Fuck the system. Fuck your label. Fuck these video models. Go back to the woods with upchurch and do your own thing!
Cheese Y

Cheese Y . 3 weeks ago

Im your biggest fan by far! Believe me
Kisho K

Kisho K . 3 weeks ago

Why'd u put a tragic scene at the end that literally ruins the whole video scene
corinne skaggs

corinne skaggs . 3 weeks ago

Luke combs becoming one of my favorite country singers! I hate new country 😂 but he’s awesome !!

cholak . 3 weeks ago

Waiting for 1:11
Abby Mcclelland

Abby Mcclelland . 4 weeks ago

Love all your songs
Kevin Asencio

Kevin Asencio . 4 weeks ago

One day they will remember what they lost. They had it right there in front of them and they let it go.
Audrey Burt

Audrey Burt . 4 weeks ago

This song hits so close to home. My boyfriend and I just broke up and all i do is wonder if it was a mistake. I miss having him call me even if it bc he was mad about work... this song always make me wanna just call him and make sure hes ok.
shark puppet official

shark puppet official . 4 weeks ago

1:89 is good
Brittany Marshall

Brittany Marshall . 1 month ago

One of my new favourite songs ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tori Williams

Tori Williams . 1 month ago

I love this song 😍
Danyelle 11

Danyelle 11 . 1 month ago

Will you pick up when I call or just forget we loved at all?
Wens Babas

Wens Babas . 1 month ago

If you still there and will be there even after 2030 just give me a like
it's just me

it's just me . 1 month ago

I swear the guy in this video looks like the guy who grew up down the street from me
Sage Fryou

Sage Fryou . 1 month ago

I love your songs
Whitney B

Whitney B . 1 month ago

I love this man .

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