The Review Spot

The Review Spot

Published on 8 years ago

On today's Spot, we'll be having a look at the Mattel DC Universe Wave 17 Indigo Lantern The Atom

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Comments :


Nico.33 . 3 years ago

He's very tribal for a University Professor.

TheLeatheryman . 5 years ago

Deserved higher. I would say 8. That fact he wasn't highly sort after shouldn't detract from his score.

Miguel85NYC . 6 years ago

I'm thinking of adding Indigo to my lantern collection but dont know which one to get, This one or the DC Direct... Which one you think I should get?
Štěpán Lenk

Štěpán Lenk . 6 years ago

Hello Spot, are you going to review Wave 20 sometimes in the future?
Brady Canney

Brady Canney . 8 years ago

mines right arm isnt going up or down just the disk works
Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth . 8 years ago

Id give hive an 8 out of 10.

BigKurt11 . 8 years ago

I would give him a 7 just for having Indigo nipples.

TheFallenOne250 . 8 years ago

Shoulda gave him a little higher just cuz the paint is done so damn well
AJ Rodz

AJ Rodz . 8 years ago

the staff is the "lantern"

Aames32 . 8 years ago

If I was a custom figure maker I'd get a triple H and some paint and make poseidon from god of war 3.

C0397 . 8 years ago

You didn't say what the others looked like....... I DEMAND A RECOUNT

Ronnie. . 8 years ago

The Richard Nixon Show

The Richard Nixon Show . 8 years ago

I would rate atom lower about a 5.5 because he borrowed 20 bucks from me and never payed me back.

idstealer000 . 8 years ago

I had to remove the cape, just had to do it. It is so ugly.

HR . 8 years ago

you actually got this at Winners? that is the only place were i wouldn't expect it to be in

jjboy157 . 8 years ago

@CalisReviews Well, they are now. I remember 10 years ago Marvel figures were AMAZING. Now they're still okay, but they lack the cool factor that they did a while ago.
Bar Dvir

Bar Dvir . 8 years ago

so many sexual innuendo!

CalisReviews . 8 years ago

sweet like the paint apps on the dc figures i think their better than marvel's

jjboy157 . 8 years ago

There's actually something called Indigo Lantern. DC's creativity baffles me beyond belief.

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