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Marshmello & Kane Brown - One Thing Right (official video trailer)

Kane Brown

Kane Brown

Published on 8 months ago

Kane Brown & Marshmello - "One Thing Right" Official Music Video
Watch now: https://smarturl.it/melloxkbmusicvideo

Stream and download "One Thing Right" here: https://smarturl.it/kbxmello

© 2019 Joytime Collective, under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment.

Comments :

Gracie Bayles

Gracie Bayles . 8 months ago

I love you Kane brown
Carson Gingrich

Carson Gingrich . 8 months ago

I love Kane brown
Lupe Sanchez velazquez

Lupe Sanchez velazquez . 8 months ago

As otra canción con kane Brown
Summer Hull

Summer Hull . 8 months ago

So glad you and Marshmallo got to collab Mello Gang [ *X* *X* ] 🖤
Gretchen Kuhn

Gretchen Kuhn . 8 months ago

Ok Jordan knight his Gretchen Kuhn I will talk you Later Jordan knight ok my boyfriend your girlfriend Gretchen Kuhn kissing kissing me
Lisa Cruz

Lisa Cruz . 8 months ago

I have something to tell you Kate Brown this is something good and guess what I have you have to come to my house because I want to meet marshmallow and you Kane Brown
Lisa Cruz

Lisa Cruz . 8 months ago

Yes this is me baby on that I just text you on the one we were on so guess what I have something to
Shweta Official

Shweta Official . 8 months ago

Jordan Okam

Jordan Okam . 8 months ago

I love this song ,I make beats too cause of u marshmellow u inspired me thx, the for ur hard work and every thing

ANDRÉ GAMER . 8 months ago

Music have trailer? I don't knew this
Marley Page

Marley Page . 8 months ago

i can never take any music vid seriously when marshmello shows up in that helmet

vampval1 . 8 months ago

ℐ ℒᎾᏉℰ ᏆℋℐЅ!! (。╯ᴗ╰)〜♡♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪✖‿✖
lovely Paige

lovely Paige . 8 months ago

Kariann Crumrine

Kariann Crumrine . 8 months ago

I love you so much 💜Kane brown💜
Michelle L

Michelle L . 8 months ago

Tienes muy buena voz
Natali Bollinger

Natali Bollinger . 8 months ago

Shelby Strickland

Shelby Strickland . 8 months ago

Omg both of my fav music artist together kane brown and Shawn mendes
cardinaljdd Gaming

cardinaljdd Gaming . 8 months ago

You know if you don’t love this song you are not a human this is my favorite song of all time
Mysterious Mam66

Mysterious Mam66 . 8 months ago

My 2 favorites in one song...i love it!

realsnd . 8 months ago


Therealshanebegg . 8 months ago

My man I love you check me on the gram I wanna do background work for you music videos! @its_shanebegg ! Also sub to “ADHD TV” on YouTube!
Wyoming Wyoming

Wyoming Wyoming . 8 months ago

One thing right
Tessa Parks

Tessa Parks . 8 months ago

Kane brown is so hot 🥵
Ananias legitimately

Ananias legitimately . 8 months ago

Bo but that car!!!.
Nancy Robbins

Nancy Robbins . 8 months ago

gracie ayers

gracie ayers . 8 months ago

Luv you Kane!!
turboa honda

turboa honda . 8 months ago

Yes kane brown <3
Allyson Hernandez

Allyson Hernandez . 8 months ago

How do I get permission to use music from artists and not get copyrighted?? Please help me out!
Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel

Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel . 8 months ago

Gotta tease us like that?
Rachel Bollhorst

Rachel Bollhorst . 8 months ago

Who's here before 1 million views??
Christy KRAUS

Christy KRAUS . 8 months ago

❤Kane Brown💙
Joey Sanford

Joey Sanford . 8 months ago

I look up to Kane brown in the music business he inspired me I love his music 👌👍🤘
Rita Dennis

Rita Dennis . 8 months ago

Love your singing, you remind me of my 21yrold boy that just past in a tragic accident...
Ciará Castex

Ciará Castex . 8 months ago

The helmet is creepy. Looks like it's straight out of a horror movie 😨
Cypher Official

Cypher Official . 8 months ago

Big fan Kane I got all your merch
Delisha Smout

Delisha Smout . 8 months ago

Badass song
Cole Daniello

Cole Daniello . 8 months ago

I’m your number one fan you are my favorite I listen to all your songs I first stumbled upon your music In 5th grade and It was Heaven I listened to it about like 100 times a day
Fernando Muñoz cruz

Fernando Muñoz cruz . 8 months ago

Wow great greetings from Mexico
Casey Chaclag

Casey Chaclag . 8 months ago

Kaneeee! 💞💞😍,,waiting for the official video💕💞
kenneth james finder jr.

kenneth james finder jr. . 8 months ago

I love this song and video bro y'all did a great job on it
Colin McGoff

Colin McGoff . 8 months ago

hey kane i went to your concert in new hampshire in february an the 21 and i went for my birthday and now im addicted to your music LOL
Daily Vlogging Channel!!!!

Daily Vlogging Channel!!!! . 8 months ago

I’m a huge fan Marshmellow thank you so much for sending me the song I love you and Kane Browns music I listen to your songs every single day
Seth Alexander

Seth Alexander . 8 months ago

Definitely not a country instrumental sound.
Yuli Ana

Yuli Ana . 8 months ago


AirB_ . 8 months ago

A Country Singer, and a EDM Producer together! Hmm.
Breaunna Pope

Breaunna Pope . 8 months ago

Good but Short
For Liberty

For Liberty . 8 months ago

Why are you showing just a trailer when Marshmello posted the whole video on his channel? Don't understand that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29a6o5vRKVM
Nikki Richards

Nikki Richards . 8 months ago

Looks like the start of a good video, cant wait to see it.
Marie Ayala

Marie Ayala . 8 months ago

Oof! Can't wait!! 😆
Ĕjåý Wīllįąms

Ĕjåý Wīllįąms . 8 months ago

We here

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