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Ingrid Andress - More Hearts Than Mine (Lyrics)

M Okii Atlantis

M Okii Atlantis

Published on 10 months ago

#IngridAndress #MoreHeartsThanMine #Lyrics
Ingrid Andress - More Hearts Than Mine (Lyrics)

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Listen to "More Hearts Than Mine" here: http://wmna.sh/mhtm

Ingrid's brand new track, "Lady Like" is available NOW: http://wmna.sh/ladylike

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Music video by Ingrid Andress. Β©2019 Warner Music Nashville.

#IngridAndress #MoreHeartsThanMine #LadyLike

Comments :

emma dyer

emma dyer . 6 hours ago

Love this song loke tis coment if you love this song!!!πŸ˜œπŸ˜πŸ˜€
Amy Cline

Amy Cline . 2 days ago

I find this song so interesting because it's the truth. My real family is broken we are always fighting but I have this family that I basically am adopted by and I always bring my well ngl my boyfriend/girlfriends home to them first. If they love the family that raised me without the fight then that's all that matters. I love my adoptive family. Basically I'm the oldest of four and it's amazing!
Izzy Ann-Marie

Izzy Ann-Marie . 2 days ago

Ok but tires is spelled tyers in this
Willard Atteberry

Willard Atteberry . 3 days ago

My new favorite song so far in 2020 will take a lot better to top it not seeing that happen.Why isn't she more famous than she is beautiful voice in song hope she keeps going can't wait to hear her top this song
Brenleigh marie X23 XD

Brenleigh marie X23 XD . 5 days ago

I'm more of a pop music type but when I heard this I just couldn't get over it
Hailie Bechey

Hailie Bechey . 6 days ago

A whole ass movie just played in my head.
Frances Skinner

Frances Skinner . 6 days ago

Do you are my favorite singer ever if I could meet you I would die β€β€πŸ˜œπŸŽ€
Heather Sans

Heather Sans . 6 days ago

I love this song
Brianna Haskett

Brianna Haskett . 7 days ago

Who is watching in 2019
Anon Person

Anon Person . 1 week ago

Its worse when the guy has to a Say this to the girl
Lance Ritchie

Lance Ritchie . 1 week ago

I love this song. This is FAVORITE song.
Sergio Cardenas

Sergio Cardenas . 1 week ago

this is my song hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
Cordelia Keeney

Cordelia Keeney . 1 week ago

I am
Kaylee Hecker

Kaylee Hecker . 1 week ago

I love this song but it makes me so sad because I don't have a momma or dad to bring anybody home to. Makes me cry sometimes.
Karen Wright

Karen Wright . 1 week ago

And you did!!!
Karen Wright

Karen Wright . 1 week ago

Love it!!
Attached To You

Attached To You . 1 week ago

Sent this to my boyfriend :/ had to explain it 20 times πŸ˜‚
Sheree Ramirez

Sheree Ramirez . 2 weeks ago

Alexxis Paige

Alexxis Paige . 2 weeks ago

I like this song it is a good and pretty song
Samantha Garner

Samantha Garner . 2 weeks ago

If my dad saw mr crying he would tell mento get my ass up and that we are going to beat a biches ass
Samantha Garner

Samantha Garner . 2 weeks ago

I am 11 and i heard this on the radio and omg i am in lovr
Eden Garcia

Eden Garcia . 2 weeks ago

damn this hit home . i was literally bawling when i first heard this song and so was my mom. ps mom if youre reading this, i love you and i wont bring anyone home that i think wont be worth my time
Ava Sloan

Ava Sloan . 2 weeks ago

Me and my mom listen to this song all the time together
Elizabeth Wicks

Elizabeth Wicks . 2 weeks ago

Happy Fun Time

Happy Fun Time . 2 weeks ago

Sophie Burruss

Sophie Burruss . 2 weeks ago

Been single my whole life, and this song still gets to me. Maybe it's cuz I watched this happened with most of my siblings.
Sherry Aalto

Sherry Aalto . 3 weeks ago

The question has been asked: Tyres vs Tires. Tire and tyre both mean a covering for a wheel, usually made of rubber.Tire is the preferred spelling in the U.S. and Canada.Tyre is preferred in most varieties of English outside North America. https://grammarist.com/spelling/tire-tyre/. Great song though!
Joshua Moore

Joshua Moore . 3 weeks ago

Me I’m listening to this in 2020
dsdwarehouse222 fields

dsdwarehouse222 fields . 3 weeks ago

... it's tires
Rebekah Freeman

Rebekah Freeman . 3 weeks ago

Jean Taylor

Jean Taylor . 3 weeks ago

I love that so you can eat right jobs
Bailey Lynne

Bailey Lynne . 3 weeks ago

Makes me think of my crush even tho we live in the same town
Scott Anthony

Scott Anthony . 3 weeks ago

Donna Adolph

Donna Adolph . 3 weeks ago

Lauren Guynup

Lauren Guynup . 3 weeks ago

tires* πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Carlos Turner

Carlos Turner . 3 weeks ago

Is it okay if a dude gets wet eyes while listening to this song? 🀯
Amelia Rose Bowers

Amelia Rose Bowers . 3 weeks ago

I love this song but it makes me cry every time I hear it cuz I don't have a dad
Amanda Miller

Amanda Miller . 3 weeks ago

Something my family would do honestly
Elaine O'Neill

Elaine O'Neill . 3 weeks ago

Fun fact about this song... she already had it written at the beginning of the year but chose to hold off putting it out until right before the holidays. She said timing was so important and she knew it would really do well during a time girls were taking their guys home to meet the family for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. Smart woman πŸ˜‰
Samantha Gonyea

Samantha Gonyea . 3 weeks ago

I don’t think so haha our time I think
Samantha Gonyea

Samantha Gonyea . 4 weeks ago

I like it and it’s a good song
Donna Cole

Donna Cole . 4 weeks ago

I love it. Period
Olivia Carpenter

Olivia Carpenter . 4 weeks ago

Who is listening at 11:00
Robert Armes

Robert Armes . 4 weeks ago

I completely love, love love this song. That said, there's one line that doesn't quite fit for me. When Ingrid sings "if we break up, I'll be fine", this implies that she isn't too emotionally invested in the relationship. But this is contradicted in the next line "But you'll be breaking more hearts than mine". Instead, I suggest "if we break up, I'll cry", which reflects her emotional commitment to the relationship and is more consistent with the following line. And, this new line works within the rhyme scheme, syllable scheme, as well as being phonetically fluent. (optionally could be "I might cry" or "I may cry" - just some manner to "cry")
Izzy um, hi, lmao

Izzy um, hi, lmao . 4 weeks ago

Gonna pour my heart out rn cuz i need to. When i was still dating my ex I would sing this as a little warning to him as a joke. But he broke up with me today because he was cheating on me This song has a whole new meaning and feel to me now "If we break up, I'll be fine. But you'll be breaking more hearts than mine" "If I bring you home to mama, I guess I better warn ya, she feels every heartache I go through. And if my daddy sees me crying, he'll pour some whiskey over ice and try to lie saying 'He never really liked you'"
Dona A. Cornish

Dona A. Cornish . 4 weeks ago

Such a cute song...Love love love itπŸ’“

Carolina . 4 weeks ago

beautiful song and my 14 year old was playing this on our way to her first day back to school today 😭😭😭😭😭 I was like are you taking someone home with you after school today ????
Olivia Holstad

Olivia Holstad . 1 month ago

I love this song so much, i have listen to it 100000000000000 times and i just heard it today
Hailey Wright

Hailey Wright . 1 month ago

Sierra Gilbert

Sierra Gilbert . 1 month ago


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