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Post Malone - Goodbyes ft. Young Thug (Rated PG)

Post Malone

Post Malone

Published on 9 months ago

The official music video (rated PG) by Post Malone featuring Young Thug performing “Goodbyes.” Starring Kathryn Newton. Download “Goodbyes" here: https://PostMalone.lnk.to/GoodbyesYD

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“Goodbyes” Lyrics:
Me and Kurt feel the same
Too much pleasure is pain
My girl spites me in vain
All I do is complain
She needs something to change
Need to take off the edge
So fuck it all tonight
And don’t tell me to shut up
When you know you talk too much
But you don’t got shit to say
I want you out of my head
I want you out of my bedroom tonight
There’s no way I can save you
Because I need to be saved too
I’m no good at goodbyes
We’re both acting insane
But too stubborn to change
Now I’m drinking again
80 proof in my veins
And my fingertips stained
Looking over the edge
Don’t fuck with me tonight
Said you needed this heart then you got it
Turns out that it wasn’t what you wanted
And we wouldn’t let go and we lost it
Now I’m goner
I want you out of my head
I want you out of my bedroom tonight
There’s no way I can save you
Because I need to be saved too
I’m no good at goodbyes

I want you out of my life
I want you back here tonight
I’m tryna to cut you no knife
I wanna slice you and dice you
My heart gets possessive
It got you precise
Can you not turn off the TV
I’m watching a fight
I flood the garage
Blue diamond, no shark
Your Barbie life doll is Nicki Minaj
You don’t need a key to drive
Your car on the charger
I just want to see the side
The one that’s unbothered
And I don’t want you never go outside
I promise if they play my n***a sliding
I’m fuckin and the tour bus still ridin

I want you out of my head
I want you out of my bedroom tonight
There’s no way I can save you
Because I need to be saved too
I’m no good at goodbyes

Video Director: Colin Tiley
Video Producer: Jamee Ranta
Production Company: Boy In The Castle

#PostMalone #YoungThug #Goodbyes

Comments :

Luis Angel Villegas Díaz

Luis Angel Villegas Díaz . 2 hours ago

I liked more for the video than that the music itself
Jhello Garcia

Jhello Garcia . 3 hours ago

hey whats the meaning of lowkey?
Kiedtisak Kongpit

Kiedtisak Kongpit . 5 hours ago

ลาก่อน​ ลาก่อน​ ลาก่อน​ ลาก่อน😣😣

Willian . 5 hours ago

Johnny Beaver

Johnny Beaver . 9 hours ago

::says bad words so nobody notices this is teeny pop::
Schwanzus Longus

Schwanzus Longus . 11 hours ago

Youngthug looks like Chris Tucker in the fifth element :D *"Yeye Ye Ye"*
Nnodum Odinaka

Nnodum Odinaka . 11 hours ago

Here to remind everyone Young Thug snapped on this
Nico Baldenegro

Nico Baldenegro . 13 hours ago

Awakens and then smokes
jl rlynnw Ahrens

jl rlynnw Ahrens . 13 hours ago

mike hawk

mike hawk . 16 hours ago

mike hawk

mike hawk . 16 hours ago

Bas kungHaHa

Bas kungHaHa . 16 hours ago

Camylly Alencar

Camylly Alencar . 18 hours ago

Y love post Malone 🇧🇷❤❤❤
Yerf Allan Poe

Yerf Allan Poe . 18 hours ago

This song make me think that I hate but I love and want back my ex 😂
Chim Chim

Chim Chim . 1 day ago


Akashi . 1 day ago

Only remedy to cure corona
Saulo gabriel Andrade

Saulo gabriel Andrade . 2 days ago

My Men plis
Fabrício Alves

Fabrício Alves . 2 days ago

Mta pouca visualizações para essa música FODA
Eli_ da1

Eli_ da1 . 2 days ago

My theory is that this takes place in the same universe as Lil nas x's rodeo
Jose Marcos Ángulo

Jose Marcos Ángulo . 2 days ago

Tambie necesito ser salvado
Game Section

Game Section . 2 days ago

480p in 2020 Nice!
AGENT Marnix

AGENT Marnix . 2 days ago

Yo Post i dont wanna say goodby to you plz stop ushing drugs we cant lose another legend
K Waffle

K Waffle . 2 days ago

it took me 9th times of watching this music video just to realize that girl was part of the Supernatural bbc casts.
Minymint Cs

Minymint Cs . 2 days ago

Post Malone is awesome as Is Billie, talent we should appreciate, especially in times like this. Keeps me and my family going, keeps us positive. Love each other everyone, we are all brothers and sisters.
Zin Kob

Zin Kob . 2 days ago

ดีจัง มีซับไทยให้ด้วย😍
Omid Moradi Rad

Omid Moradi Rad . 2 days ago

my dog sounds better than young thug
555 666

555 666 . 2 days ago

I dol
arniel generoso

arniel generoso . 2 days ago

Adriana Sousa miranda

Adriana Sousa miranda . 2 days ago

Rogy Rulles

Rogy Rulles . 2 days ago

Sad :(

Anthony MELHOR DO MUNDO . 3 days ago

Denis Petrișor

Denis Petrișor . 3 days ago

Fuck you love...😭🥺💔
Laxmi Rai

Laxmi Rai . 3 days ago

Only 73m views ?? Where are billions of people out there who are missing this amazing song ??
Joao Victor

Joao Victor . 3 days ago

New game ET

New game ET . 3 days ago

20 maret 2020 🤘🤘
debbie hernando

debbie hernando . 3 days ago

Postmalone's: all depressed Youngthug: YEYEYYEYE
Puii Puii

Puii Puii . 3 days ago

Danilo Muxio

Danilo Muxio . 3 days ago

Eu sou tua fã
Mj Cando

Mj Cando . 3 days ago

Катя Таравкова

Катя Таравкова . 3 days ago

Raissa Clisman

Raissa Clisman . 3 days ago

Love this song❤️
Anak Jasmi

Anak Jasmi . 3 days ago

Hahaha bye bye
clarice camba

clarice camba . 3 days ago

i luv u 🥺🥺🥺
Sweaty Tantrum

Sweaty Tantrum . 3 days ago

You know he is a good person when you see he made a pg version for kids
lalo vargas

lalo vargas . 3 days ago

I love post molone
Anggi Puspitasari

Anggi Puspitasari . 3 days ago

Rated R and PG

Power . 4 days ago

Lil Nas X need a feature with dis man!
Kings Chapel

Kings Chapel . 4 days ago

HEYYY Lite to our new single that just dropped!!! @JfIE
Khá Bá Ngô

Khá Bá Ngô . 4 days ago

Comeback comeback comeback Comeback comeback comeback Comeback comeback comeback Im a comeback
Deepak Deepak

Deepak Deepak . 4 days ago

Young thug lovly voice and Malone

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