Elliot Duke

Elliot Duke

Published on 4 months ago


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jason nelson

jason nelson . 6 days ago

Wow, great job!
dana ward

dana ward . 1 week ago

Omg I feel awful for accidentally disliking😰 definitely earned a like! Awesome cover, it made me feel totally different from the original version, you definitely put your own touch to it😊
Dee Gold

Dee Gold . 1 week ago

Love it!
Dominic Buccieri

Dominic Buccieri . 3 weeks ago

All the feels, this is incredible
Matthew Murphy

Matthew Murphy . 4 weeks ago

Such a great voice How could I not subscribe

EshaFX . 4 weeks ago

I could feel the emotions. Way too strong. 😊😊

amyjohg . 4 weeks ago

How adorable is this??? Love your voice.
Mufeed Shaik

Mufeed Shaik . 1 month ago

Just amazing 🎶🎤🎶❤️.... Beautifully sung .... You deserve more views ✌️
Brandon Valentine

Brandon Valentine . 1 month ago

Love your voice!!! I subscribed!!
madelinemae music

madelinemae music . 1 month ago

This is absolutely amazing! I love the tone of your voice; it’s so beautiful and different. Your voice and the song definitely compliment each other. I’m glad that you decided to cover this song!
nicki edwards

nicki edwards . 1 month ago

wow wow WOW!!!!!!!!! can't love this enough! beautiful cover, man! :)) keep right on signing and playing!
Jared Schumaier

Jared Schumaier . 2 months ago

Nice work man! Subscribed
Emmaly Bitting

Emmaly Bitting . 2 months ago

I love the your tone and the notes you can hit, your voice is super good. Beautiful song and you did it justice!!
Nina Gregor

Nina Gregor . 2 months ago

Yes !! I love this, subscribed before you get famous
Lili Rebecca

Lili Rebecca . 3 months ago

Love your voice! Subscribed!
Michael Thomas

Michael Thomas . 3 months ago

Hey man. I was looking for covers cause I'll be doing one myself, but I got to say your voice got me in a way not many do. Truly impressed. Looking forward to seeing more.
Paul Powell

Paul Powell . 3 months ago

Omg, awesome voice brother! Why doesn’t this have millions of views and likes! Best male cover of this song hands down!
Sewon Kim

Sewon Kim . 3 months ago

Beautiful voice!!!
Maggie & Dave

Maggie & Dave . 3 months ago

This is so awesome Elliot!! This deserves more views 🙌🏻
janie utley

janie utley . 4 months ago

Nicely done.

klerviamusic . 4 months ago

Very good !

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