Abby Miller

Abby Miller

Published on 7 months ago

Our acoustic cover of “More Hearts Than Mine” by Ingrid Andress.

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kathy dallas

kathy dallas . 7 days ago

This needs to be viral, for sure!! amazing!!
Sam Burnett

Sam Burnett . 3 weeks ago

Yo... amazing job!!!
Bombzki Lim

Bombzki Lim . 4 weeks ago

Jacob Metz

Jacob Metz . 4 weeks ago

1:03 listen to the big voice crack Ooooooooooooooooooooooooof
Jacob Metz

Jacob Metz . 4 weeks ago

1:03 listen to the big voice crack Oooooooooooooooooooooof
Hailey Stokes

Hailey Stokes . 1 month ago

Absolutely LOVE what y’all did with this song 😍
Jared Schumaier

Jared Schumaier . 2 months ago

Sounds great! Subscribed
Piggy's Builds

Piggy's Builds . 2 months ago

Kaelannie Sutherland

Kaelannie Sutherland . 2 months ago

Mark Manley

Mark Manley . 3 months ago

Just heard her for the first time the other day. Love her! Will enjoy listening to her for years.

Lindsay . 3 months ago

Great job!
Nikeo G.

Nikeo G. . 3 months ago

Thanks Abby, the words of this song touch things in my life I been through when I first heard this from Ingrid. You remind me of a girl I use to know in high school in Santa Cruz. I hope you keep it up and possibly think about going on a talent singing show. I'm a musician and can see great potential in you and in your spirit. Thank you for sharing and all the luck in the world to you. suggestion. Go into a recording studio it will be worth it.
Adrian Fugate

Adrian Fugate . 3 months ago

I actually like this better than the original. But I feel like it needs more quiet male background vocals. But still 10/10
Maggie & Dave

Maggie & Dave . 3 months ago

Beautiful cover to both of you!! Your voice is perfect for this song! I just a cover of this song, but my country twang is nowhere near as good as yours haha keep up the great work! :)
John Allemond

John Allemond . 3 months ago

Fantastic...the harmony part was good, loved to have heard more..great job. John

zaphenine . 4 months ago

Your voice and singing style fit the song very well ❤️ absolutely beautiful
Kathryn Cloud

Kathryn Cloud . 4 months ago

I got goosebumps towards the end ❤️ so good
Alexa Henderson

Alexa Henderson . 4 months ago

Ugh i love this song :) I made a cover on my channel too, but yours is much better!!
Maddy Rufo

Maddy Rufo . 4 months ago

Why isn’t this more popular? You’re incredible!!!

mpguitarra . 4 months ago

awesome cover yall, just heard this song today. I will do a cover of your cover tommorrow
Lori D Adams

Lori D Adams . 5 months ago

You have a beautiful voice. Thank you for sharing this. You made it your own, and you did a wonderful job. Your voice gave me good chills!!❤️💜
Savannah Grace

Savannah Grace . 5 months ago

Wow! You have such a pretty voice💕

Winterfresh . 5 months ago

This is probably the most closest cover to the original! love it!

NoNonsenseKnowHow . 6 months ago

Great cover!
Taylor Eklofe

Taylor Eklofe . 6 months ago

Wow your voice is beautiful 🔥
Jared Kroh

Jared Kroh . 6 months ago

Wow. Unbelievable voice. Natural talent at it's finest.
wild child

wild child . 6 months ago

Great job guys.  Lots of talent there.
Joe Wells Country

Joe Wells Country . 6 months ago

Very nice folks, Such great vocals.....Awesome performance and over all great job. New friend and fan here.👍🎸🎤🤝
Jenna Connolley

Jenna Connolley . 7 months ago

Try out for American idol.. you’ll make it far :))
Mako Hall

Mako Hall . 7 months ago

That was great.👍
Sinatra M

Sinatra M . 7 months ago

I smiled all the way through this! ...And take this as a compliment I thought you were her when you were singing 🎤 So good!
Seen Virolo

Seen Virolo . 7 months ago

It’s wonderful, as always :)

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