Jake Owen stopped by For The Bobby Bones Show St. Jude Radiothon. He covered Ingrid Andress "More Hearts Than Mine" and played an acoustic version of his song "Homemade."
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Comments :

Jacob Spannbauer

Jacob Spannbauer . 6 days ago

My version sounds better no offense

Sharon . 3 weeks ago

Ingrid andress absolute legend....brilliant song. Needs more credit
Ty Mat

Ty Mat . 4 weeks ago

Ingrid Andress cover starts at 12:18
Conner SladeVEVO

Conner SladeVEVO . 4 weeks ago

Ingrid Andress does it better!
Kimberly Dingus

Kimberly Dingus . 2 months ago

Wow! Kudos to you bro! The world could use some more influences just like this. These awesome programs help to secure a deserving childs' future is still gonna be "homemade" even under unfavorable circumstances.

GARY . 2 months ago

Great song
Slackburn Girl

Slackburn Girl . 2 months ago

This just almost killed me it’s so true around 10 minutes something in I almost lost my heart I think it fell out ... Jesus if life doesn’t kill you from the pain it sure does try
Tricia Avery

Tricia Avery . 2 months ago

Awesome cover Jake. Honestly you could sing the phone book and I’d love it...lol ❤️

mjs2002 . 2 months ago

Song starts at 5:01
Rob Williams

Rob Williams . 2 months ago

Jake inspired me to be a better person and that’s part of the reason I’ve always been a huge fan of his. You guys should check out his podcast. It’s very encouraging
James Bell

James Bell . 2 months ago

I love his version better than the original!
Cody Haynes

Cody Haynes . 2 months ago

Who dislikes this?

frp911 . 3 months ago

Wow... 5 heartless people disliked this 🤷🏻‍♂️
Collin Gray

Collin Gray . 3 months ago

Killed it Jake puts on a great live performance
Kevin Cummings

Kevin Cummings . 3 months ago

More hearts than mine

bs1820 . 3 months ago

Nice cover.... I love that song.
Michele Phillips

Michele Phillips . 3 months ago

love this song and he rocked it LIVE!
Raul Herrera

Raul Herrera . 3 months ago

Jake absolutely killed this song. SO GOOD
Bethany Henderson

Bethany Henderson . 3 months ago

I'm dead right now. Most kickass performance of Homemade ever.😭

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