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You Say by Lauren Daigle | Cover

Mela Nin

Mela Nin

Published on 10 months ago

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Mela Nin

Mela Nin . 10 months ago

Hey loves! Thank you so much for the love. Remember to follow us on instagram: Instagram: Follow Merline @ Sincerelymelly Follow Marsha @ lil_sasha92 Follow Christina @ _christina_11699 Follow Marie @ _nuckey Follow Melanin page @justcallus_melanin
Kaysii Baez

Kaysii Baez . 3 days ago

Amen amen amen to GOD
Melky Vieira

Melky Vieira . 4 weeks ago

Sou do Brasil
Melky Vieira

Melky Vieira . 4 weeks ago


Z L . 2 months ago

Bravo 5
bunz d

bunz d . 3 months ago

Amazing guys... Wonderful voice!!
Fernando Xavier

Fernando Xavier . 3 months ago

Omg. Brasil
Rose-Marline SIDNEY

Rose-Marline SIDNEY . 3 months ago

Thank you for sharing. It's nice. U have beautiful voices. The only thing I regret it's the fact it's difficult to hear u properly 😊maybe a microphone can help? 🤔 All the best
Arjhonna Ranae

Arjhonna Ranae . 3 months ago

Nah, too much goin on tbh
Marlies De jong

Marlies De jong . 4 months ago

I looooove this 💞
Jean Charles

Jean Charles . 4 months ago

Lot that great
Ryan Finnigan

Ryan Finnigan . 4 months ago

two words for this. genuinely beautiful.
Sonny Kane

Sonny Kane . 4 months ago

Awesome girls and this what I really like about you girls it straight up live no auto tune just raw... bravo bravo 🙏
Mia Erbe

Mia Erbe . 5 months ago

You should do Halo by Beyoncé!!!
Jeffrin John

Jeffrin John . 6 months ago

https://youtu.be/foaZOsTdCRc My version Have a listen
Camila Sousa

Camila Sousa . 7 months ago

Sam’s World

Sam’s World . 8 months ago

Y’all are so good y’all made me cry💛💛💛
Brenda's Music

Brenda's Music . 8 months ago

I clicked the like button even before watching cause i knew it'll be boomb!
Tyra Brown

Tyra Brown . 9 months ago

That’s my bestfriend go best friend go best friend go I’m so proud of you ur doing wat I’m to shy to do
Its The Gamers

Its The Gamers . 9 months ago


larbat37 . 9 months ago

Awesome, beautiful voices!
Misty Meredith

Misty Meredith . 9 months ago

I absolutely love this song and listen to it everyday, I would to sing it but I do not have the voice for it. I sing much higher you all are so bless keep singing
c0orneisha waters

c0orneisha waters . 9 months ago

yess love y'all voices 💜
Blessed Murielle

Blessed Murielle . 9 months ago

Love watching your videos!😍 please keep 'em coming🤗 Beautiful song!❤
Good Time Guy

Good Time Guy . 9 months ago

Thanks you ladies for sharing that, it really was beautiful. You all sound wonderful together. God Bless.
Camila Cristina Bento

Camila Cristina Bento . 10 months ago

Vamos ser amigas? 💖🌻
Leonia Mirelly

Leonia Mirelly . 10 months ago

Perfeito ❤❤
Lionel Mandjata DRC

Lionel Mandjata DRC . 10 months ago

What is your Instagram?
Loving makeup Always

Loving makeup Always . 10 months ago

So Beautiful!
A&J nation A.J Nation

A&J nation A.J Nation . 10 months ago

Praise GOD!🙏🏽 You 4 girls has a nice medley 👌🏽. Continue to sing for GOD
Elizabeth Akinbode

Elizabeth Akinbode . 10 months ago

Beautiful 🙌🏾❤️
Asheka Williams

Asheka Williams . 10 months ago

This is beautiful❤
ezichi sarah

ezichi sarah . 10 months ago

Yass sistas I was seriously blessed. Thanks cause I love this song so much
August Biechy

August Biechy . 10 months ago

Oh my God you ladies are beautiful and talented
Lizandra Dominguês de Oliveira Ricardo

Lizandra Dominguês de Oliveira Ricardo . 10 months ago

Amazing! Greetings from Brazil
ericka 100

ericka 100 . 10 months ago

Deborah L

Deborah L . 10 months ago

Finally! A recent song from you guys! I’ve been watching year old videos wondering what happened to you guys! 🙌🏾 Love you guys!❤️
Pkay Anne

Pkay Anne . 10 months ago

Lit Lampin With Genie

Lit Lampin With Genie . 10 months ago

Lovvvvvve it ladies ! Sing that thang !! 🔥🔥🔥💚💚💚
Augustus Ellis

Augustus Ellis . 10 months ago

Or and am the first to watch and comment
Augustus Ellis

Augustus Ellis . 10 months ago

OMG 😍😘 I love this song and I love ❤️ you all too OMG Mel

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