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5 Ways to Avoid Baggage Fees

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Published on 2 years ago

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Angie Globetrotter

Angie Globetrotter . 4 weeks ago

funny, thank you for that video :)
world citizen G

world citizen G . 4 weeks ago

Whatever foreign coins I had was to buy snacks @the duty free shop, just pay the different /balance with credit card
world citizen G

world citizen G . 4 weeks ago

I had seen a African lady @China airport trying to wear 6 layers of fabric as a sarong in the airport bathroom. That was during summer

SEph . 1 month ago

Study Minimalism. I never check-in luggage. I always offer free extra pieces for kind-looking travelers who are taking excess pieces.
Spark _

Spark _ . 2 months ago

Theses are good tips ,nothing mind blowing tricks ,but practical & your voice is very clear & an ease to my ears ! Thank you.

나다 . 2 months ago

So helpful

Abundance!!! . 2 months ago

Wouldn't airport security be suspicious if you are wearing so many layers of clothing?
yashwantnm n

yashwantnm n . 3 months ago

Sadly i cant put my lap in my pocket
Gerry Hagen

Gerry Hagen . 3 months ago

Weight ????????????????
Marie Mountson

Marie Mountson . 3 months ago

David Vavra

David Vavra . 3 months ago


SnowySpiritRuby . 3 months ago

I already pack as minimally as I can, but I'm so glad I never have to deal with carry-on weight restrictions - as it is, for a 3-week warm weather trip (spring-summer-early fall), I'm already going to be traveling with 70-90 pounds of stuff because I've got a 40lb wheelchair, but they can never leave it behind because it's medical equipment (as is one of my 3 carry-on bags). My small carry-on suitcase is usually 25-30lb (I will never check it because baggage handlers already broke one of my other suitcases), and my backpack can vary significantly from sort of light to very heavy. I've never flown a budget airline and probably never will. What I'm curious to find out is whether budget airlines that operate entirely outside of the U.S. allow service dogs on board - are they still considered medical equipment (and thus exempt from any weight restrictions), or are they counted against the allowed weight?
Fat Tony

Fat Tony . 3 months ago

A multi pocket safari vest can be useful too.
Marvin Morris

Marvin Morris . 3 months ago

Fly Southwest. 2 bags free, including a carry on.
Funny Girl

Funny Girl . 4 months ago

one other thing. in europe there are some cheap airlines. they sell cheap tickets and have a weight restriction to 12 kg. on there website it states, that this is for carry on plus the personal item together. so you can't cheat there. but worse than that, a friend of mine, who once as student traveled with them, told me, she had a jacket or a coat on. at the check in, they told her, she has to take off that jacket or coat and they have to weight that as well (it was warm, where she started but wanted to get to a colder destination, so they knew, it wasn't because she was freezing right there). of course then they charged her for 1 kg overweight. she said, she found that so upsetting, that she never ever flight with them again or any of those airlines, that work about the same. traditional or bigger airlines have good deals as well and most of the time, are more generous with the weight and what you bring with you. esp. with the personal item
Funny Girl

Funny Girl . 4 months ago

I do all that anyway, except maybe unnecessary light layers underneath (don't want them to get dirty to soon). just wanted to know, how others do it. seems, one can come up with these things easily, I guess. at least, when travelled at least 2-3 times or maybe once, where you had troubles with the weight
Getrude Nyamvula

Getrude Nyamvula . 4 months ago

Number is the best
Donna Cooper

Donna Cooper . 4 months ago

Check out the Tube travel pillow you stuff with clothes at Tubulartravel.com

DanTe . 4 months ago

Airlines are weighing hand luggage at the boarding gate
Lulama Mkhize

Lulama Mkhize . 4 months ago

Omg, I just gave up when I was packing my bags and told myself I am going to pay. I'm travelling back home overseas month end and have 3 bags between 28-30 lbs each and can't leave them behind. But thank you for the trick of wearing your heavy clothing, I'll surely wear my heavy jackets and heavy shoes 😁😁
Matthew Feargrieve

Matthew Feargrieve . 4 months ago

Great resource , will bookmark this one for sure! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTzpAIQLR8o&t=29s
Arcey dear

Arcey dear . 5 months ago

Wiw i love your tricks thank you!
Surya Narayan Singh

Surya Narayan Singh . 5 months ago

Not helpful
Samina Siddiqi

Samina Siddiqi . 5 months ago

Pegasus Airline will check everything and make you pay the baggage fee. All of these tips are excellent
Sophia Andrews

Sophia Andrews . 5 months ago

Forgive me but did you say put coins in your pockets people I really don’t think that’s a good idea that’s just my opinion
Alexandra Di Giacomo

Alexandra Di Giacomo . 5 months ago

For the people who don't have any common sense
Kushatha K

Kushatha K . 5 months ago

Is this not dangerous. Imagine if we all did this.

hamie58 . 5 months ago

airlines are cracking down on people who are obviously wearing multiple layers to get around baggage weights after several people died of heat stroke. It's a dangerous practice that you really shouldn't be promoting. You may not have time to change after security and there is no room on the plane to do it so you have to sit in what is already a hot inclosed space with to much clothes on.
I am a parson not a UwU 1355

I am a parson not a UwU 1355 . 5 months ago

You can't back stuff all over they make you take everything out
I am a parson not a UwU 1355

I am a parson not a UwU 1355 . 5 months ago

Be to warm in all that cloths
Masaarana Vee

Masaarana Vee . 5 months ago

Thank You 😊

Banafsaj . 6 months ago

Thank you, its useful a lot!

J B . 6 months ago

No. 1 tip should be to use a max size back pack instead of a wheeled suitcase That saves a couple of kilos vs a wheeled bag, plus they don’t look or check the bag on your back at check on Mine fully loaded can weigh 12 kg, never been checked Patagonia MLC - max legal carry on, amazing piece of kit with lots of clever touches When I become too weak to carry it I may just buy one of those fold up luggage ‘trollies’, converting it into a wheeled case 2nd tip is to only take half the clothes that you need and wash them on vacation in the middle, have always managed to get cheap rate and never lost anything 3rd tip is to use lightweight compression packing bags
Mr Dacus

Mr Dacus . 6 months ago

I don't agree w/ packing things in your pocket because then you'll have to take them back out during security check, which was a waste of time. A lot times we just need to bring things we know we need instead of the whole house
Sk Affu

Sk Affu . 6 months ago

You are very smart :)
Chenelle Browne

Chenelle Browne . 6 months ago

I actually enjoyed these tips because I've done quite a few myself...wearing layers and heavy clothes (2 shirts, a sweater under a fleece and leggings under jeans, putting things in my pockets, even down to walking with an empty water bottle all the way to my destination because I literally had no more space.
Cherry Belle Casino

Cherry Belle Casino . 6 months ago

Tigerair checks the personal carry-on bag, camera and laptop. They include it in weighing with the carry on bag.
Franz Mendoza

Franz Mendoza . 7 months ago

the hand carry is now only 7KILOS lol
Barbara Johnson

Barbara Johnson . 7 months ago

Be sure to choose a lightweight suitcase/bag.

patp . 7 months ago

The main concern I think is the amount of weight the plane allows to carry.
Zetzet Bp

Zetzet Bp . 7 months ago

Thankyou for the tips.. it really helps.. god bless
Susan Ananda

Susan Ananda . 7 months ago

My room mate wore all the clothes she wanted to carry just to avoid baggage fees
Hector Sanchez

Hector Sanchez . 7 months ago

Cheap ass
Rykel Lim

Rykel Lim . 7 months ago

In Asia, budget airlines restrict us to only one hand carry bag weighing not more than 7KG... and they DO pounce on unsuspecting travelers at the gates to enforce the weight limit, frequently resulting in these poor fellows having to pay exorbitant excess weight fees... which would have been enough to check in the items in a luggage!
Hope Boikanyo

Hope Boikanyo . 7 months ago

Horrible, horrible,
Vicente Bosch

Vicente Bosch . 7 months ago

Marie maisy Leonard

Marie maisy Leonard . 7 months ago

I have 30kilos but my bagage is 22kilos but I cant put more can I have a second bagage of 8kilo more to complete my 30kilo
Darlcy Riqeo -Saevopala

Darlcy Riqeo -Saevopala . 8 months ago

Thankyou for sharing😍
Cate jud

Cate jud . 8 months ago

Some of us cannot move in heavy clothes and carry 4 suitcases too, no sorry!
Reina Virtucio

Reina Virtucio . 8 months ago

Buy me traveling bag

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